January 2, 2010


Sometimes I am very motivated to work out. Unfortunately, this winter isn't one of them. Once spring comes, it gets much easier and more fun to exercise. However, I have a plan that is working well. Garden catalogs! As soon as they arrive, I bring my favorites downstairs and put them on the rack of my bicycle. I can only read them as part of my cool-down after a spinning workout. I'm so addicted to my garden planning that I don't procrastinate working out like I tend to in the winter. Weird plan but it works. I sure never expected that I would get this hooked on gardening.

Time to go seed shopping...
I mean bicycling.


tainterturtles said...

Hey, good for you Chris....spinning I mean! Right now we have two bikes set up on trainers in our bedroom. For some reason kitty loves to chew on the bicycle spokes, which is our wake-up call in the morning!

It's always fun to look at the new garden catalogs and start planning ahead.

Laurie said...

You go girl! I'm still trying to discover what my motivation will be to start working out. A stash of fine chocolate under the weight bench?

Chris said...

I like that idea Laurie :)

donna said...

There is no plan that would motivate me to do a spinning workout, but I say, "Good for you." Keep up the good work.

Stay warm.


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