April 17, 2010

Today's harvest

Yep, this is it. It didn't exactly take all morning to haul the crops in. However, it was a nice treat to drop the asparagus in the water I was cooking potatoes in, drain, add a hint of butter and eat. A tasty, tiny snack. Half of the spear went to my husband's lunch. The rhubarb will make for a nice glass of rhubarbade.

It has been especially warm and a lot of the plants in my garden are about a month ahead of schedule. We have been harvesting lovage and chives for a while. The clove currants are blooming. I'm just starting to see a hint of the radish and spinach plants.

It was a nice morning to get out into the garden, weed and see how much the plants have been growing. I've joined the "normal" work world this year so am mainly able to garden on the weekends. Hopefully, I can get out there a bit more in the summer. There is nothing like starting the day with weeding, watering and munching on fresh raspberries. I can't wait.

April 1, 2010

80 degrees on April 1st. No fooling.

I couldn't wait to head out to the garden after work. It's hard to resist the urge to get planting but I know that colder days will probably be ahead. However, it sure was fun to get out and play in the dirt. We got a lot done and enjoyed the evening. Now dear hubby heads off to work while I get some tomato seeds started. I settled for "only" four varieties this year. Well it's back to the basement garden station where we have the lights set up for seed starting. Happy planting!

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