February 25, 2011

A taste of summer

I love to snuggle in on a cold, snowy night in front of a fire and dream of spring. Usually a few gardening catalogs help me get into the spirit. However, this taste of summer helps too. Pictured are corn, hot peppers and potatoes from last summers garden. The corn and peppers (as you can tell) have been hanging out in the freezer. The potatoes are from the root cellar (also known as our barely heated basement). They will make a tasty warm treat. I boil the seeded peppers with chicken stock (enough to cover) until the peppers are soft. Blend and add corn (off the cob) and diced cooked potatoes. I add a bit of cream, sour cream or yogurt. It is fun to have a "garden fresh" soup in February. I love it "as is" but add a little potato starch to thicken it for my husband.

Now turning to dreams of spring planting. I want at least two pepper varieties this year. It's a tough decision and Pepper Joe's catalog is not helping. I want them all!

I know I will grow a "black" tomato variety. I love their rich, tangy flavor. I have my eyes on black krim (from Penny's Tomatoes) but there are so many I would love to try.
Any pepper, tomato or potato variety suggestions appreciated. What are your favorites?

February 17, 2011

One world one heart

Thanks to all that stopped by my blog for the One World One Heart event. I had loads of fun visiting blogs and making new friends around the world. Now to one of my favorite things to do- giving stuff away! The winners are:

February 4, 2011

One world one heart

Welcome to my garden. We are buried under snow here in Wisconsin but I am surrounded by a few seed catalogs and am dreaming of spring. Care to join me for a glass of homemade wine or a cupcake fresh from the oven?

Thanks for stopping by. The winners will be announced at 9 PM Central Time on Feb. 17.

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