August 28, 2011

Take some, we've got plenty

Because of my work schedule this year, I mainly planted things and then came in months later and harvested. Dear hubby did most of the work in between. It has been a bit of a rough year in the garden because of cool temperatures in the spring followed by way too much rain. Our sandy soil usually dries out easily but it was fairly wet through the spring this year.

The raspberries did quite well (and are delicious). We also have a good supply of potatoes, zucchini, ground cherries and currants. Fortunately, the asparagus always does well. However, the tomatoes, peppers and winter squash have been disappointing. My one surprise for the year is watermelon. I have at least 10 in the garden. Normally I have been able to grow exactly one melon each year so this has been fun.

Well, if I keep blogging at my current pace, I will probably be back in October to write about my 1-2 winter squash. However, for now it is back out to the garden for my raspberry breakfast. Happy gardening!

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