December 29, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

....but the books are so delightful. My hubby and I received many wonderful gifts this year. We especially enjoy anything to do with bees, birds, butterflies and growing our own food. I'm looking forward to spending the cold winter evenings by the fireplace- reading and dreaming of spring.


donna said...

May I join you by the fireplace to read and dream AND drink some of the wine you make?

Winter in Wisconsin. Gotta luv it.

Happy New Year!


Cinj said...

That's a nice haul of books you got there. I only got one this year which I've already read but I won't let that stop me. Thank God for the local library! Snowflakes are floating by my window, the thermometer says 0, but I'm snug under my blanket inside! Here's hoping for a fast winter.

tainterturtles said...

Hi Chris...glad to see you posted. Reading by the fireplace sounds wonderful, especially if you were enjoying a glass of your homemade wine!

Cini....I'm glad to hear you appreciate your local library. We librarians aim to please in our book purchases.

Thanks for visiting!