January 18, 2010

Spring planning

Another spud post? Sure, why not. My favorite way to deal with winter blues is to place my seed orders. Picking out the potatoes to grow this year is especially fun. This photo is of our 2009 harvest. Hopefully 2010 will be a successful potato growing year. The 2010 spuds are:

LaRatte- supposedly creamy when pureed so I'm looking forward to trying it in soups and sauces like I did with the Rose Finn Apple potato. The "rich chest-nutty flavor" sounds worth a try.

Purple Peruvian- a purple potato? I have to try it just because it should look great on the plate. Hopefully it tastes great too!

Peanut- I like the description of it being firm after steaming so it can be sauteed with other vegetables. Sounds good. I enjoy potatoes tossed with peppers, onions and tomatoes and topped with a hint of smoked cheese. Should be a nice fire-pit spud too.

Irish Cobbler- "makes the greatest mashed potatoes". What other reason do I need!

Inca Gold- I love the yellow color. We might appreciate the fact that it is described as a good keeper if we manage to not eat all the spuds in the fall.

The question is: Will I manage not to give in and buy just one more (or 2) variety of potatoes to grow this year? Only time will tell.


tainterturtles said...

We grew the purple potatoes two summers ago and the color was unique. When I cooked them up, the dark purple color kind of faded to a grey color. I was hoping for a pot of purple potato soup, but didn't quite get that color. Darn! They are still pretty to look at once you harvest them. I love potatoes.....enjoy.

donna said...

I vote for the Irish Cobblers for the exact reason you've stated.

Luved your comment on the previous post regarding growing coffee in Wisconsin. I don't ever plan to give up coffee for any reason.


donna said...

Forgot to say. Pretty neat Rby Ldy license plate!


Connie said...

They all sound good! I am this way with my tomato trials....always room for just one more variety.

Chris said...

Connie- I usually try to stick to 2-3 varieties of tomatoes. I have the seeds for this year but am having trouble not getting "just one more" variety. I don't really have room for it but that doesn't really stop me.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Donald Braswell is AWESOME!!!

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