August 27, 2009

Fresh from the garden: Raspberries!

When we were putting in 25 plants on a hot spring day, I don't think my husband was too impressed with my idea of planting raspberries. However, it was worth the effort. We are getting some every day and will soon have enough extra to save for wine and ice cream. This years "special" will be a raspberry, black currant, elderberry and grape wine because well.... that is what we have. It is fun to be able to make wines that are entirely from our "vineyards". Our other plants are doing well too but this cool summer has affected things. The cucumbers, ground cherries and tomatoes are very slow to ripen. Hopefully we have enough warm weather ahead to still get a good harvest.


Anonymous said...

I have never eaten a raspberry.
Can you believe it!! I've had raspberry donuts...raspberry-flavored candies...but never eaten a raspberry.
Your photo is beautiful!

Connie said...

yay! love those raspberries. We used to have a long row in our 1/3 acre garden, but our neighbors burned one day and the fire got away from them and burned up our raspberry patch. :-( I had planned to start some in a new spot by our house, but my health prevented me from doing it this year, so it on on the list for next year. I like Heritage, which bear twice, with the largest crop in the fall.

Send that lady (Jackie) above a raspberry, she's missing out! ha

Chris said...

Connie- the variety we have is Autumn Britten. Like Heritage it is an ever-bearing raspberry. It is ready about 2 weeks earlier than Heritage which is nice here in zone 4. We will trim it to the ground in the fall so it bears just once in late summer. We are getting lots of berries. We tried a summer-bearing raspberry but the yield was very low. I will put in a few more raspberries next year in another area but we haven't picked a variety yet.

Cinj said...

I know. I want some tomatoes already. My cucumbers are tiny and tomatoes are green. At least the beans did pretty well. We're in blackberry heaven up here. I planted some raspberries this spring but they were rudely attacked by a weed wacker and rototiller thanks to my BIL. Maybe next year...

You'll have to share with us how to make wine!

Sylvana said...

How long did it take from the time you planted the raspberries before they fruited?

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