August 10, 2009

Happy gardening

Another happy day harvesting and weeding out in the garden. Now it is time to put together a meal including a cucumber from a neighbor, a small white/yellow cucumber, mountain rose potatoes, salad burnet and a few other herbs from our raised bed gardens. I snacked on a few raspberries without sharing. Please don't tell my family. The grapes are Swenson Red and are nicely turning color. I'll share those.........maybe.


Connie said...

hee hee...cute veggie smiley face!

I wish you were my neighbor...I would shower you with my extra cucumbers, which I have in abundance this year. I pick a bucketful every other day and have made several jars of Ukranian pickles. (the naturally fermented type, no canning involved.

Anonymous said...

That's MY kind of smile!!
Would you be my neighbor?
Hugs and smiles from Jackie

tainterturtles said...

I love the smiley face. Ditto on Jackie....would you be my neighbor too?

LynnS said...

Very cute face!

The colors in the grape clusters are so pretty. I've never tasted that grape before. Gonna make any jelly??

Oh, you could be my neighbor too. In fact, I have a dozen cucs waiting here for you, so hurry and pack up! :-)

Linda said...

Now that's what I call "playing with your food." Too funny.

Kathi said...

Love the veggie face.

My Swenson Red grapes aren't turning color yet - yours are ahead of mine. Mine are loaded though.

Thanks for visiting!