August 6, 2009

Berries, wines and other garden treasures

This isn't the first raspberry from our garden this year but it is the first one we didn't munch before we could take a picture. We planted these this year and so far we are pleased. It is called Autumn Britten and they are huge with a delicious tangy sweet flavor. It looks like we should have a good yield with plenty for eating and sharing with a little left over for wine making.

We started a wine this week with our red currants and blackberries from a friend. So far the flavor is very good. Hopefully the delicate fruity taste will survive the fermentation process.

Our cool weather this summer is slowing down the tomatoes a bit. However, a few are taking on a hint of blush and we hope to have some ready to eat by next week. The green peppers look good even without warm temperatures.

I planted one squash variety this year: Thelma Sanders sweet potato squash. The seed catalogs identified it as being "enormously productive". That is proving to be true in my garden (maybe I shouldn't have planted so many). I hope they store well! I guess it is time to get my husband working on improving our basement storage area for squash and potatoes. However, I also don't want to distract him from his latest project which is making more raised bed gardens for me. I definitely need more room for corn and potatoes next year.


Connie said...

Nice looking berry! The blackberries are ripe here now, and the wild huckleberries are just finishing up. We weren't able to go on our yearly picking trip, :-( we bought 2 gallons from a local lady. You should try to get a hold of some for wine sometime, but they probably don't grow around there?

donna said...

I haven't been to your blog as often as I'd like because of computer problems. Nice to see that you're having so much success in the garden. And just for the record, I'd choose mashed potatoes over birthday cake any day!

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