December 2, 2009

Enjoying the harvest

It has been a while between posts. We have been keeping busy with cleaning up the garden, enjoying our harvest and a new job for me.

Using our harvests has included lots of grilling and fire pit meals along with some wine making. The potatoes have been great cooked over the fire. Our favorite has been the fingerling we grew- Rose Finn Apple. We look forward to trying several different fingerlings next year. It has been fun to grow them in pots and any other containers we can find. We just empty them into the wheelbarrow and have delicious spuds without the digging. I especially like the versatility of the Rose Finn Apple. It is wonderful grilled and for thickening soups and sauces.

Our fruiting plants are still a year or more away from being fully productive but have already provided delicious for fresh eating and wine making. Yesterday we re-racked our Ruby's Garden wine. It is made from all the garden left-overs including black currants, raspberries, strawberries and black cherry tomatoes. Don't laugh. It has a delicate, fruity flavor and it is definitely a one of a kind wine. The black currants lend a lovely red color.

Although we still have plenty to keep us busy, I'm already working on the garden plans for next year. Definitely more raspberry and blueberry plants. I also will give my ground cherry plants a head-start indoors. The toughest decision is which potato varieties to try. We want them all!


Connie said...

Nice looking spuds! I so wish I could drop by and share them with you. I have started to receive garden catalogs already, about half a dozen so far. Let the planning begin!

tainterturtles said...

Your potatoes sound wonderful. I'm glad you had a bountiful harvest.

Your wine making has always interest me. I would love to make wine. My husband and I might just give it a try one of these years.

ChrisND said...

We have enjoyed our potato harvest this year -- might be time for roasted potatoes! It feels like winter now that the snow came in and the temps have dropped....I am eager to plan for next year.

Your wine sounds quite unique. I guess that's what makes it fun.

donna said...

Chris, nice to have a new post from you.

How did you know I was smiling/laughing while reading about the wine made from garden leftovers? Seriously though, I bet the wine is delish tasting.


Chris said...

We have just a few meals left of the potatoes but many bottles of "garden" wine. It's a fun way to keep enjoying the harvest.

Thanks for visiting!