June 20, 2009

Why do I garden?

These pictures answer that question! Yesterday morning, I was able to walk bleary eyed out to our garden and pick fresh snap peas for breakfast. Add one deviled egg and it was the perfect start to the day. Just last weekend we saw the first bloom on the snap peas. A few days ago there was one lone pea pod to be harvested (I broke it in half and split it with my husband). Today they are really taking off. In theory I plant these mostly to give to my Mom. Giving them away seems like a great idea.......until mealtime :)


tainterturtles said...

I don't grow peas because I don't like the taste (I know that's weird), but I LOVE your snap pea photo...so fresh, so healthy, so beautifully green. Enjoy your produce.

Why would a person not want to grow a vegetable garden???? Those people are surely missing out.

Connie said...

One of our favorite veggies! The cool, rainy weather this year gave us a very good crop of snap peas. I just picked the last of them, but have some 'Sugar Lace' snap peas just getting large enough to pick, which were planted a few weeks after the others. The timing doesn't always work out so perfectly, but this year it did. They are called Sugar Lace because they don't have much foliage but have LOTS of curly tendrils, so they're beautiful as well as delicious.

donna said...

You're so sweet to share the lone pea pod with your dear husband. Your breakfast of fresh snap peas and a deviled egg sounds good.

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