April 10, 2009

Growing potatoes

Do two people really need 20# of seed potatoes? Apparently my husband and I believe that we do! Last year we grew Purple Viking and they were very good. They made especially tasty mashed potatoes but we enjoyed them roasted over the fire pit as well. We ran out of them in January but they stored that long fairly well. We also planted some Russets. We hadn't planned on that but our co-op had some on sale that were sprouting so we grew those too.

This spring we will plant Carola, Adora, Mountain Rose and Rose Finn Apple along with Purple Viking. It sure looks like a lot of potatoes to grow in a small area but it works well. Last year we used five Smart Pots and a 4x4 raised bed for potatoes planted in a mixture of leaves, grass and soil. We hilled more of the same mix on top as they grew. We really liked the Smart Pots because we just had to pour them into the wheelbarrow at harvest time. The russets were planted right into the soil in one garden and then hilled with more soil later.

I know that spuds are cheap at the grocery store but there are so many fun varieties to try that we will only get by growing our own. Next year 30# of seed potatoes?


TSOTE said...


Connie said...

I have been looking at a container for potatoes that is similar to this in Gardener's Supply catalog. Which size of the smart pots do you use for your spuds? (that is what Grandpa Z. called them...I can still see him sitting at the table...cutting his potatoes for planting and showing us the 'eye') :-)
One very good reason to grow your own potatoes is because it is one of the most heavily sprayed and poisoned crops! Look forward to hearing how you like these varieties.

Chris said...

"TSOTE"- :)

Connie- We use the 15 gallon Smart Pots. They were bought from Gardener's Supply a couple years ago. Now Gardener's Supply carries the Potato Bin® brand instead. They look the same. I haven't found a website for the maker of the Potato Bin®. We have used the Smart Pots in open areas around shrubs we have planted. The shrubs are still very small so the Smart Pots allow us to suppress weeds in some of the areas that are open now but will fill in as the shrubs grow. There are other great ways to suppress weeds but those methods don't yield tasty potatoes!

Dan said...

I have never heard of smart pots, I will have to look into them. I am growing potatoes in a build as you grow potato bin this year. It is suppose to really increase yield if late season potatoes are used. Should be a fun experiment.

Chris said...

Dan- I sure would like to hear more about that potato bin. I'm always looking for a new and better way to grow spuds.

ChrisND said...

It is great to get all those different varieties and know where the food comes from.

We are going to try potatoes this year...At least then we know we can.

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