March 21, 2009

Happy Spring!

The weather in Wisconsin can be so weird and wonderful. Two days ago, all the snow had melted and it was perfect gardening weather. Last night we had a very pretty snowfall of huge, fluffy flakes. Today it is back to being comfortable gardening temperatures again. This morning I was out crunching through the snow and gardening in t-shirt and shorts. Happy spring!


TSOTE said...

At least you get snow. Here,we get the same temperature cycles, but everything is 40 degrees warmer at all points.

Chris said...

Hi "TSOTE", I post the snow pictures for you. I figure that you can have all of the beauty without having to shovel or drive through it.

ChrisND said...

Aren't Spring snows fun? At least we know it doesn't last long this time of year. I learned last year that our cool season crops could handle it - so I won't worry as much this time.

Connie said...

The first day of Spring here was beautiful! It was T-shirt weather, at 70 degrees. I set out some winter sown collards and other greens, planted spinach seed, turned my compost, and did various other garden tasks...a wonderful day!

tainterturtles said...

Hey Chris, thanks for the comment today. The one good thing about March snow is that it doesn't last long. By this afternoon it was a high of 58 degrees here and lots of the snow melted.

Glad to hear your bike is coming off the trainer. I'm waiting for warmer mornings and then I will start back to bicycle commuting.

Have a good Sunday.

Chris said...

ChrisND- Spring snows are fun! Getting out into the garden is great too. I can't wait to start getting some of the cool season stuff planted soon.

Connie- Temps in the 70's sounds wonderful. We hit 61 and I was happy with that for our area this time of year.

Tainterturtles- Yep, the snow was gone by noon so I'm glad I got out early for photos.

It is so much more fun to ride bike outside than on the trainer. I wish I could commute to work on bicycle but it is a little rough to do on the night shift.

Cinj said...

I was visiting MIL this weekend and saw the same weather. She lives in Cameron. I especially loved the resulting fog the next morning. We headed off to the cities to meet my mom too.

I'm still waiting for my yard to melt off from our winter snow. Even the places in town are all melted off. Darn trees.

Thanks for visiting!