January 14, 2009

Better with age

We started two new batches of wine tonight. I am especially looking forward to the red currant strawberry wine in about a year or so. We grew the currants and like to use things from our gardens for wine whenever possible. Over Christmas we enjoyed sampling three of our wines that have been aging for two years or more. The coffee wine tasted like sherry although I liked it better than my husband did. The "Christmas Wine" is a mix of whatever we had around the house when we made it on Christmas day and didn't want to run to the store when we didn't have enough fruit, juices or white sugar. Although I don't recommend that method, it was good. It is made with cherry juice and a mix of other fruit. The third wine was habanero which was better than you might think. Aging has given it a mellow, smooth flavor that finishes with a little heat. Not all of our wines are unusual but we have made some quirky ones and they have often been my favorites.


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I remember my father making homemade wine. I've never tried this, but I love hearing about how it is done. I'm always in awe of folks who have these talents!


Connie said...

Habanero wine? You are brave to try that one!

Chris said...

My hubby is the brave one. It used to be that he wouldn't go near anything spicy but he at least was willing to give it a try. He rated it "not bad" which is better than I expected from him for Habanero wine!

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