July 5, 2010

The 4th of July and Red Currant Wine

Our red currants usually ripen close to the 4th of July. Since that is our wedding anniversary, we have developed a tradition of enjoying a toast with Red Currant wine and then starting a new batch for the next year. It makes a beautiful ruby red wine with a delicate slightly tart flavor. If we can manage to let the wine age for two years, it mellows to a rich flavor. The one we enjoyed yesterday was wonderful. The currants pictured at the right won't be wine for a while but we just like the way they look.

Red currants are easy to grow and are lovely in the landscape. We especially enjoy the way they look when they are loaded with fruit. They are delicious but slightly tart with large seeds. I like to crush some, strain them and make a Ruby Currantade (like lemonade but a more subtle flavor).

For anyone interested in wine-making, a great place to start is with Jack Keller. We enjoy his recipe for Red Currant wine.


tainterturtles said...

Happy anniversary! What a nice way to celebrate...a homemade wine toast.

Some day, I hope to find time to try some winemaking. Red currant wine sounds so inviting.

donna said...

Happy Anniversary...a couple of firecrackers joining together in marriage on the 4th of July. Luv it.

When I was a kid, the neighbors had rows and rows of current bushes. We'd sneak out there and eat currents, until the crabby lady came out and yelled for us to leave. I luv the tartness taste.

Your photos are great.

Thanks for coming by my blog after my time away from blogging. Nice of you.


Chris said...

Although I've been known to be crabby on occasion, I promise I won't come out and yell if you stop by to munch on the currants :)

I really enjoy the tart taste too. I always warn people about it the first time they taste one but they still always look surprised about it. I think that they make for a nice "currantade" or wine but I also like to munch them straight off of the plant.

Thanks for visiting!