May 15, 2010

New home construction

I have 40# of seed potatoes sitting on the dining room table just waiting to find a spot in the garden. Dear hubby is always willing to make room in the garden for spuds. We have 5 varieties this year and I can't wait to try each of them over the fire pit.

The rhubarb is taking over the garden. My husband will pass on that treat while I enjoy some stevia sweetened cooked rhubarb/apples with cinnamon. It will be nice for an evening snack and on oatmeal in the morning. Not using sugar much limits the options for rhubarb recipes but I still enjoy it. I think that some rhubarb/raspberry wine will be in the works this summer. I haven't tried to make wine with rhubarb yet but I have had some made by others. I haven't been impressed but I think I might enjoy it if I go light on the rhubarb.

Lots of good stuff growing already including lupine, peas, radishes, basil, currants and lovage. I also have 2 varieties of green peppers, 4 varieties of tomatoes and ground cherries started in the basement and ready to head out to the garden after hardening off. Hopefully the peppers will fare well. I have about 3 trays (12 pots in each) but one really took a hit today. I was headed out to the garage with them took a misstep and started to tumble down the stairs. I managed to twist around and fall into the house (sounded much better than going down the stairs) and went face first into the pepper plants. I'm a bit sore but I think I did better then they did. I re-potted them and hopefully after another week or two of TLC they will be ready for the garden. Right now they look a bit rough.

I enjoyed sitting out in the garden this evening and admiring the lupine. They don't stay in flower for long but they are one of my favorites. Happy gardening!


Cinj said...

Lupine are beautiful, the rabbits ate mine so they won't be blooming this year I fear.

Sorry to hear about your trip and mishap. Hopefully they'll pull through and perform like champs for you.

tainterturtles said...

Isn't this time of year exciting? Sounds like you are off to a good start with all your plants.

Wow, that was quite the scare with falling & twisting. I hope you are feeling ok and no pulled muscles.

Happy gardening.

Maybe someday we will pass each other on our bicycles on the RC trail or Chippewa trail.

donna said...

Your lupines are very impressive.

Rhubarb w/o sugar....not too tempting. Rhubarb/raspberry wine....very tempting.

Sorry about your misstep on the stairs. Hope the soreness is gone and that the peppers have recovered.

40# of seed potatoes on the dining room table -- would have luved a photo of that.

Feels like summer here in WI, doesn't it?


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