March 20, 2010


Last week we enjoyed temps in the 60's and watched our snow disappear. It is colder now but the lack of snow has been nice. I've been out in the garden cleaning things up and getting the raised beds ready. I'll start the pepper and ground cherry plants indoors this weekend. This afternoon I enjoyed a trek out back looking over the gardens. I'll have to get my bike ready and continue my quest for more:

Signs of spring?

Happy Spring!


Sunny said...

Chris...we have also been enjoying warmer temps...some days close to 60 but mostly the 50s...I'm not complaining though as it could be snow :) My strawberries are greening up too!

tainterturtles said...

I couldn't resist doing some yard work this afternoon, but my hands got cold from the wind.

I was looking at our garden space today knowing that it won't be too much longer. It's always so exciting ya know?

Connie said...

It was 65 degrees here today and sunny...just a gorgeous day! We drove upriver to collect some rocks for my new flower beds. It is supposed to drop 20 degrees by Monday, so I am steeling myself for that.
Nice to see some signs of spring in your yard!

donna said...

I like how you added the comments to your photos. Made for an interesting read. My have a hummingbird already?? There's something suspicious looking about him.

My lupine are not as far along as yours.


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