February 21, 2010

Everyone wins!

You might have heard about the recent One World One Heart event. If not, scroll down for some info about it. It was fun and featured three things I enjoy: visiting blogs, giving things away and winning stuff. I won the jackpot on all three. I found some really fun blogs to follow and met new friends. The event would have been successful for that alone. However, I also won a prize at three blogs. Pictured is the first of the three to arrive. It is from Craftymoose and she does very nice beading work!

I also enjoyed the chance to give gifts. It is fun sharing things that I like using which includes the magazine and "smart pot" that were in my giveaway. Most of the bloggers in this event make wonderful crafts. I sure don't fall into that category. The closest I get to crafts is designing seed packets for the seeds I save and give. However, I loved the chance to participate anyway.

I'm really looking forward to this next week. I'm headed to San Antonio for a conference. Although the weather doesn't sound too warm, it will be an improvement over what we have here. It is a city I have very much wanted to visit so I can't wait!


Shelly said...

Come on up to Washington State Chris, it's spring here early, or so it seems!
I'll be putzing in the dirt tomorrow and adding a few blooms!!!

Enjoy Texas!

tainterturtles said...

I haven't heard of the One World One Heart event. How fun to win goodies.

Hope you enjoy yourself in San Antonio this week.

Sunny said...

Congrats on winning in the One World One Heart event...Hope your trip is wonderful and warm...or at least warmer :)

Regina said...

Hi Chris...I hope you have a safe and FUN trip and you should have a package waiting for you when you get home ^_^


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