July 13, 2009

Hanging out at the vineyards

We think it is cool that we are finally getting grapes on the vines. I guess that the term vineyard might be overstating it a little since we have about 10 bunches of grapes. They will probably be for fresh eating this year.

Our big success is the red currants. We enjoy the tart slightly sweet flavor and think they are very pretty as well. We have started harvesting them and are looking forward to making them into wine. Last year we had a smaller yield and they were mixed in with other fruits. The currant and strawberry wine was a real treat. It looks like our raspberry plants will produce well and they should be good mixed with the currants. We hope to have more red currant bushes next year so we can also make sauces, relishes and other treats with them. They are perfect for a slightly shaded area we need to fill in. The hard part is harvesting them when they look so nice on the plants.


Connie said...

Wow, such beautiful fruit! I know what you mean about having to harvest stuff....I like just looking at how beautiful everything is in the garden. Love you two!!

tainterturtles said...

The current and strawberry wine sounds good.

I had the best dry cherry wine in Montana....Ten Spoon. It was delicious.

Thanks for visiting!