February 8, 2009

Seed inventory and more dreaming of spring

Gardeners in warmer zones may be starting seeds indoors soon. I'm still just dreaming of spring. Today I'm enjoying a good cup of coffee and looking over my seeds in front of a warm fire. We already have a nice selection of vegetable, herb and flower seeds ready to start under the lights in our basement. We are especially looking forward to trying a watermelon from seeds saved from a variety my father-in-law grew this past year. Our favorite plants have been from seeds shared by friends and family. Those seeds bring forth special memories and wonderful plants. Just when I think there can't be another type of seed I need this spring, I always come up with "just one more" plant I would like to try. I still would like to find a winter squash to add to this year's garden. Any suggestions?


Connie said...

You should get some Buttercup Squash seeds from your father-in-law. :-) They are some of the best tasting squash we've ever had... I grew some of my own last year from his seed.

Dan said...

I am going to try Delicata & Kabocha Squash this year. I have heard really good things about the Delicata, it is also know as the sweet potato squash. Stringless flesh that is sweet & dry.

On your note about the Amenian Cucumber, I was corresponding with west coast seeds and they said they had a crop failure last year too. It must have been a bad year for them. Thanks for the heads up about the taste.

Chris said...

Delicata is one of the varities I have been considering. It sounds worth trying.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a nice selection of seeds so far. The ones from family and friends make for nice memories in the garden.

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