December 28, 2008

Dreaming of spring

This seems an odd time to start writing about gardening. I look at my yard and struggle to picture how it will look this spring. I try to visualize a raised bed filled with strawberries, another of asparagus and raspberries, cucumbers and tomatoes scattered throughout my gardens. But all I see is snow and ice. However, I am looking forward to spending some time today in front of the fireplace reading seed catalogs and the first of several gardening books I was given this year. I have just started to look over "Landscaping with Native Plants of Wisconsin" and it looks interesting. While reading, I can almost picture how the Ostrich Ferns I will plant this spring will look in the corner by the fence.

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Connie said...

Hi Ruby, Welcome to blog land! I am happy to be the first to comment on your blog. Your yard looks to have good "bones" and I am sure it will be beautiful.

Thanks for visiting!